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I’m working on a video project

And I’m trying to collect 30 second clips off of people’s webcams of their empty room.

If anyone wants to help out, if you could record a short clip as such and send it to me, I would be most grateful!

Contribute today!

The American Dream

My final for Interactive Installation.

We had to take apart and hack into printers that the school was throwing away and repurpose them with Arduino. 

That Being said, for my project, I tapped into the intact assembly motors and attached legs to the printer. The short legs and slight movement in the top and bottom of the printer creates and anthropomorphic effect which allows the viewer to feel sorry for the machine as it tries it’s hardest to walk away. Even if it got a good distance however, It would be stuck to the wall via it’s cord making the robot’s whole purpose an exercise in futility

Mmmm, watch them gears turn #interactiveInstallationColonHackingTheEveryday

Earth Rise over a Green Sea

For my most recent video graphics exploit, I was required to create a “Video Painting”. That is to say a video containing painterly qualities. That being said, the breadth of the examples we were exposed to was quite vast leaving a lot open for ambiguity.

What you see before you is my interpretation of the project, a looping video with no real narrative that also includes moments of clarity about the medium itself.

Sometimes I think the amount of time I spend to make things look like they’re broken is rediculous.


Research Project: Pointless Circuit

One of my smaller research projects for my senior project, a 50ft extension cord leading to a usb cable, connected to two solid wires that lead to a plain cardboard tube containing a single green LED.

The idea is that it’s a long convoluted set-up that requires the viewer to follow it to the middle of nowhere, bend over and look in this tube, only to have the payoff be something small and trivial.

Reactions I received include:

"What did I just look at?"

"I don’t get it."

"What’s going on?"


Upon explaining the concept, the viewers became slightly embarrassed that I made them do the work to look at it because it has no purpose, Which is the purpose i suppose. An overall success I’d say.

"That’s exactly what I did, and I kind of hate you right now for doing that." -Mark A.

PS Sorry for the shakiness of the footage.

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Purchase College Icon Set

For my interaction design class, we were assigned to create a set of Icons for the schools here at purchase college. The first row is the set I created (somewhat last minute and haphazarly) for class. After getting critiqued for various over complications, I went back in and edited the logo set for simplicity which is what you’re seeing on the right.

Halloween special for hacking the everyday tomorrow.

(The Assignment was to program a song into the Arduino and compete to get first pick of old printers to hack)

So, my professor assigned us to use a motor to build something that makes noise for homework.

Having already freaked him out with a previous assignment which consisted of a janky circuit built inside of a matchbox, I figured this would be the next most logical step.